Comic books

Many of the new and exciting characters and art have been included in the Long Buckby Youth Centre Comic Book.

Produced in 2010 the first edition included the iconic character Cowman - invented by Oliver, and also the ultra cool Hipster.

All the youngsters got involved, with the Friday group producing their own characters and art.

Some of the comic strips are reporduced here - but if you want more then contact the Centre for a copy of the Comic Book.

Cow Man

It first started with Oliver's idea of a comic book character called Cow Man, who poked his head from behind a lamp-post on one of the wall murals.

The idea grew into a full blown comic strip.
Adventures followed with Cow Man combating the evil Shark King, the dastardly Crab and the horrific Corpse.

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Cow Man Rocks!

The Hipster

The Hipster was an idea thought out when a new band of evil superheroes was spawned in Oliver's imagination.

Along came Atommo, The Critter and The Whirlwind. They threatened to wreak havoc on the world, so The Hipster was born.

Check out his combat against this evil trio.


 The Whirlwind, Atommo and The Critter - an Evil Trio

The Hipster is cool, man!