Volunteer With Us


Long Buckby Youth Centre is run entirely by volunteers.  Any money we receive goes completely toward the cost of materials and running costs for the centre.

We need your help!

How much time?
As much or as little time as you are comfortable with, from 1 evening a term to every week, all help is appreciated!

What would I need to do?
Although it's a small building, there's a lot of areas, so we need extra volunteers to keep a watchful eye on our young people.  If you're comfortable, intervene when needed, if not then just let one of us know and we'll deal with the situation.

But I already have children!
Great! bring them along, we can even accommodate younger children if their parents are there helping.

But I work long hours!
So do most of our volunteers, just do what you can - and there's always tea and coffee available!

Do I need any special skills or qualifications?
No qualifications are required.  All that we ask of our volunteers is to apply basic common sense and to demonstrate through their actions a sense of right and wrong for our young people to learn from.  Of course, if you have any age appropriate interesting skills or hobbies, our youngsters would love to find out about them! 

Do I need a Criminal Records Bureau check?
If you become a regular volunteer, then you will need to apply for a C.R.B. / D.B.S check.  Our child protection officer can organize this at no cost to you.

What age do volunteers have to be ?
Ideally, volunteers are over 18 for legal purposes, although we have had 17 year old volunteers previously.  Come and speak with us if you're interested!